Potato Grow Bags Green 10 Gallon, Sturdy PE Planting Pots Garden Containers Planters for Vegetables, with Handles, Drain Hole & Large Harvest Window

Product Features:
1. Compact and lightweight planting bags. The three durable and practical planting bags can be used to grow plants in a small garden without space requirements.
2. Waterproof, sun protection, heat resistant, cold - resistant.
3.Suitable for seeding, planting, indoor and outdoor planting;
4. Ideal for patios or small gardens, such as the balcony, sunroom, and outdoor spaces;
5. Simply open the harvest window, grab your fruits or vegetables and enjoy. It's really easy.


3 Gallon Bag: 25x22cm/9.84x8.66inch, 45g/1.59ounce

5 Gallon Bag: 23x28cm/9.06x11.02inch, 50g/1.76ounce

7 Gallon Bag: 30x35cm/11.81x13.78inch, 70g/2.47ounce

10 Gallon Bag: 35x45cm/13.78x17.72inch, 90g/3.17ounce

Package includes:

1x Grow Bag

Using Instructions:

Step 1: Put about 4 inches of pre-mixed fertilizer-containing soil on the bottom.
Step 2: Place 4 to 6 potato tubers evenly into the soil with the shoots facing up.
Step 3: Add soil to cover the potato tubers completely. Please water the plants on time to keep the soil wet slightly until the plants appear on the top of the bag.
Step 4: After a few weeks, the leaves of the plant will become wither and yellow, then you can harvest potatoes directly from the window.
When crops finish, empty the bag and recycle the soil. Clean the grow bag and store it for next planting.

Warm Tips

1. You can check your plant growth from the harvest window. If the vegetables are ready, you can harvest the fruits or vegetables from the harvest window.

2. Remove all plants, soil, compost, rinse with mild detergent and keep it dry and fold flat for storage to reuse next season.

3. Keep in mind is that they drain really well, so on hot days you may need to water twice or move your plants to a shadier area.


  • 3-PACK Grow Bag: 10 Gallon grow bags with a large capacity allows you to grow whatever you want. The size is large enough to create a stable growing environment for veggies and flowers. The strong handles make it easy to move around as your needs.
  • Sturdy & Durable: The growing bags are made of waterproof PE material, lightweight and super sturdy, reusable for many years, but also easier to breathe, easy to grow, and can be used repeatedly. With drain holes under the bottom, it can prevent overwatering and it can automatically percolate excess water. It provides a healthy environment for root plants.
  • Makes Gardening Easier: The bags can be easily used for several seasons and not take up much space when storing. You can easily move and flip the lid to help you harvest potatoes without damaging the plants. You can put about 5 to 7 seed potato plants in each bag. These garden planting bags are suitable for seasonal use. At the end of the growing season, empty the bag, simply wipe it clean and fold like a regular flower pot, taking up very little space.
  • Wide Usage: These grow pots are suitable for indoor and outdoor planting and ideal for terraces, small gardens, balconies, sunrooms, and any outdoor space. They can be used to grow potatoes, taro, radishes, carrots, onions, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, zucchini, and many other vegetables.
  • Large Harvest Window: The garden bag has designed a visualization HOOk&LOOP window that can be opened and closed, through which you not only can check whether your plant is mature and you can easily harvest plants through the window without having to dig in the soil.

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